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Our Approach to Reading

Read Write Inc booksAt our school, we use a structured, synthetic phonics approach to teaching children to read. The scheme we use is called ‘Read Write Inc.

When children join the Reception classes they begin to learn the 44 sounds that form the English language. They learn to blend the sounds together using ‘Fred Talk’ ‘Read Write Inc.’ which is oral blending. Fred can only speak in ‘Fred Talk’. For example Fred says ‘S-I-T’ and the children blend the letters together to say ‘sit’. As soon as they are able to blend, children begin to read the specially written, lively story books in every ‘Read Write Inc.’ lesson. Children read individually to the staff.

As the children move into Year 1 and 2, they continue to learn the sounds and blend more complex words. They also develop their comprehension skills during the ‘Read Write Inc.’ sessions. Children read individually at least twice a week. Pupil Premium children and those with special educational needs read four times a week.

Children are assessed every six weeks and are placed into groups according to their reading ability.

All of the children take reading books home, which are matched to their reading ability. For homework, it is an expectation that you listen to your child read a minimum of four times a week.

As children move through the scheme, the ‘Read Write Inc.’ Manager carefully monitors their progress. Any children who do not make the expected progress are given a one to one intervention to ensure that they close the gap.

When children have completed the phonics programme, they move onto ‘Read Write Inc.’ Comprehension. This extends their comprehension ability and prepares them for the challenges of reading as they move into KS2. Any children who require additional phonics teaching in KS2 are assessed and placed into groups so that they can continue with the phonics programme.

Reading in Key Stage 2 (KS2)

Years 3 to 6 have four reading lessons each week. These lessons focus on reading skills and strategies using a range of texts. They are planned by teachers and differentiated to the individual needs of the class. These lessons aim to help children understand a text, find information, interpret information, make comparisons within texts, understand and comment on word choices and think about the writer’s viewpoint.

In the afternoon, teachers and TAs listen to children read, with target children being listened to more regularly. Children are encouraged to change their home reader regularly. All children in Key Stage 2 are using the Accelerated Reader scheme, where they take an online quiz to show their understanding once they have read a book. The books each child reads are determined by a combination of online comprehension assessment and teacher assessment, and are regularly monitored to make sure children are on the right level. We also encourage children to read books from class libraries or home. We expect parents to support with reading by listening to the children read regularly, even in KS2, and asking questions about what they’ve read. Every time a child reads to an adult, whether at home or school, it should be recorded in their reading record.

Read Write Inc.

Read Write Inc (phonics) is for four to seven-year-old children learning to read and write, and for seven and eight-year-olds who need to catch up.

It is a complete literacy programme taught for 20 - 40 minutes a day in Reception and an hour a day in Year 1 and above. It is proven to develop:

  • fluent, enthusiastic readers
  • deep comprehension of texts
  • confident speakers
  • keen writers

Children are taught to:

  • learn to read and write letter-sound correspondences quickly
  • decode effortlessly, spell and handwrite easily
  • comprehend what they read
  • read with fluency and expression
  • write confidently using oral rehearsal
  • work effectively with a partner to articulate their learning at every step

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