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These are the most recent school newsletters.

 2017 September 
 2017 July 
 2017 May 
 2017 April 
 2017 February 
 2016 December 
 2016 November 
 2016 October 


Some of our school notices:

 school lunchtime menu (from 6 Nov 2017) 
 Parental Controls for Internet safety 
 Pupil Acceptable Use Policy Agreement for KS1 
 Pupil Acceptable Use Policy Agreement for KS2 

Letters to parents

This is a list of letters that have been circulated to parents - available for you to view and download.

05Apr2017:ESC Alpha trip to Foleshill Fire Station
05Apr2017:Dol-Y- Moch meeting
03Apr2017:Year 1 Walk Around the Local Area
03Apr2017:Caught Being Gold Letter
31Mar2017:School Meal Payment Policy
30Mar2017:School Maths Explained Whitmore Park Apr 17
28Mar2017:Nursery Consultation Evening
28Mar2017:Guide Dog Visit
27Mar2017:WP Extra-Curricular sign up Summer 2017
27Mar2017:WP Extra-Curricular sign up Summer 2017
27Mar2017:Dance lessons
24Mar2017:Year 6 Maths Meeting
22Mar2017:Year 5 & 6 PSHE Meeting
22Mar2017:Year 3 & 4 PSHE Meeting
22Mar2017:Year 1 & 2 PSHE Meeting
21Mar2017:Year 5 & 6 Performance Assembly
21Mar2017:Year 3, 4 & ESC Beta Performance Assembly
21Mar2017:Year 1, 2 & EAlpha Performance Assembly
20Mar2017:National Funding Formula
20Mar2017:Year 6 Leavers Party
15Mar2017:Film Night
15Mar2017:Reception’s Film Night
15Mar2017:Year 2 test letter
08Mar2017:ESC Delta Trip to Jubilee Crescent
08Mar2017:School Nurse Workshop
07Mar2017:Comic Relief 2017
03Mar2017:Year 5 Visit to see Aladdindocx
03Mar2017:Year 3 Dissection letter
28Feb2017:Big Sing ESC 2017
28Feb2017:Morning of Music Year 1 and ESC Alpha 2017
28Feb2017:Morning of Music Year 3 2017
28Feb2017:World Book Day letter
28Feb2017:Youth orchestra 2017
16Feb2017:500 Words Competition
15Feb2017:Year 4 Ancient Egypt letter 2017
14Feb2017:Extra-Curricular Choir
14Feb2017:5 Beta Pet Hamster
10Feb2017:ESC Trip to Coventry City Centre
07Feb2017:Internet Safety day
06Feb2017:Parent Consultation Evening Feb 2017
06Feb2017:Reception Parent Meetings
10Jan2017:classical music concert l criminisi
06Jan2016:cancellation of milk reception
06Jan2016:pgl letter 1 2017
06Jan2016:dolymoch letter 1 2017
05Jan2016:cancellation of milk
12Dec2016:year 3 romans workshop
12Dec2016:nursery Christmas party 2016
29Nov2016:year 1 st johns museum
29Nov2016:wp extra curricular sign up spring 2017
29Nov2016:dance lessons
29Nov2016:year 3 4 esc beta performance assembly
29Nov2016:year 1 2 ealpha performance assembly
29Nov2016:class libraries
29Nov2016:nursery Christmas nativity 2016
29Nov2016:moviestar letter
23Nov2016:year 5 6 performance assembly
22Nov2016:change of teachers
18Nov2016:pre-booking santa
18Nov2016:reception Christmas production 2016
16Nov2016:esc trip to transport museum and Coventry cathedral
16Nov2016:esc pantomime trip dec 2016
15Nov2016:milkletter spring term 2017
14Nov2016:year 6 trip to see a Christmas carol
11Nov2016:christmas dinner 2016
11Nov2016:book fair letter
11Nov2016:children in need tandem bike ride
10Nov2016:nursery gate closing times
10Nov2016:Christmas fun flyer
10Nov2016:online payments launch letter
10Nov2016:Christmas choir dates nov-dec 2016
10Nov2016:year 6 sats meeting follow up
08Nov2016:year 6 helping your child at home
08Nov2016:year 5 helping your child at home
08Nov2016:year 4 helping your child at home
08Nov2016:year 3 helping your child at home
08Nov2016:year 2 helping your child at home
08Nov2016:year 1 helping your child at home
08Nov2016:helping your child at home esc beta
08Nov2016:helping your child at home esc alpha
08Nov2016:parent consultation evening nov 2016
31Oct2016:year 1 reading letter 2
31Oct2016:reception parent meetings
21Oct2016:school newsletter oct 2016
21Oct2016:health and safety lunchbox reminder
21Oct2016:year 6 sats meeting
21Oct2016:additional pe session changes
17Oct2016:pm nursery school photographs
17Oct2016:stand up to cancer non uniform
07Oct2016:school newsletter sept 2016
23Sep2016:esc delta trip to jubilee crescent and tesco
23Sep2016:early years pupil premium letter
22Sep2016:harvest festival themed school dinner
22Sep2016:nursery information
20Sep2016:5 gamma-festival of Imagineers 2016
16Sep2016:reception reading meeting
15Sep2016:volunteers for garden area
13Sep2016:transition meeting for year one parents
12Sep2016:reading at home sept 2016
12Sep2016:secondary school applications
12Sep2016:year 1 reading letter
09Sep2016:swimming year 4
09Sep2016:carousel and homework information
09Sep2016:trip reminder year 3
09Sep2016:trip reminder year 3
08Sep2016:wp extra curricular sign up letter autumn term 2016

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